Lance Bass has "just" cancelled his Christmas plans.

The *NSYNC singer and his husband Michael Turchin had planned to leave Los Angeles with their two-year-old twins Alexander and Violet over the holiday season but work commitments have meant they need to stay in the city, so the couple are ready for a "less stressful" break this year.

Lance told People magazine: "We just cancelled most of our holiday plans.

"We always go to the East Coast for the holidays, but because of work we pretty much had to cancel everything. So we're staying in Los Angeles. Which is less stressful, and will be nice."

The 44-year-old star and his spouse have a special day planned for their children instead.

He explained: "We're taking them to Disney Land on Christmas.

"It will be their first Disney experience. I always said not until after they're three, but since we got stuck here, I was like, OK, we need to do something special!

"We'll see how long we all last!"

Lance prefers Florida theme park Disney World, having lived in Orlando for eight years in his pop hey day, but he wants to wait to take the twins there when they fully appreciate the experience.

He said: "My thing is I can't take them to Disney World until they're a little bit older. Because once you do Disney World, you can't go back!"

The 'Bye Bye Bye' singer's kids were delighted when he and his *NSYNC bandmates reunited for animated movie 'Trolls Band Together'.

He said: "My kids are the right age to be obsessed with Trolls, and they love that Papa is in it and has his own character."

And Lance admitted the reunion has led to the group wanting to do more than just record the one song they did for the film.

He said: "Because of this experience reuniting and seeing what the fan reaction was, it really encouraged us to discuss something else.

"So we're talking, just throwing ideas around to see if something sticks. There's definitely some kind of future for us. I just don't know what it looks like yet."