Lana Del Rey wants to collaborate with Migos.

The 'Born To Die' hitmaker was honoured with the Artist Of The Decade prize at Variety's Hitmakers awards show at City Market Social in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday (04.11.21).

And speaking on the red carpet at the star-studded bash - where she posed for a selfie with Avril Lavigne and Olivia Rodrigo - the 36-year-old star revealed that she's a huge fan of the trap trio's "completely different style of rap" and would love to team up with Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff on a track.

She said: “I love them. Everything they do. There was kind of like a new revolution of sound 11 years ago in the singer-songwriter community, which I loved seeing. And then with Migos, I think they kicked off a new super fun, super autobiographical, completely different style of rap. I love them.”

The 'Summertime Sadness' singer also admitted that she is "super grateful for all the criticism" that has come her way over the years, as it has given her the chance to look "inward".

She said in her acceptance speech: “I’m really always grateful for any acknowledgment and also super grateful for all the criticism… I get a lot.

“Thank you, Variety.

“I’m really always grateful for any acknowledgment and also super grateful for all the criticism — I get a lot.

"What’s good about it is I really believe what’s reflected back to you is in some way a mirror to what’s going on in your inner life.

"It’s given me a huge opportunity to look inward and to look at my family of origin and look at my lineage, see what’s going on up there.”

Elsewhere, Lana paid tribute to her poorly grandma, who she said passed down her "lightness and funniness" to her granddaughter.

She said: “I want to take a minute and think about my grandma, who fell ill two days ago.

“Any of the lightness and funniness and goodness in me I pretty much specifically got from her, so I’m really hoping she takes a turn for the better back in the North Country before I get there."

The 'White Dress' singer added how she sees her life as "my poetry, my lovemaking is my legacy", and music is something she gets to do "in between".

Lana added: "I’ve been very lucky to follow my muse for the last 18 years, since I was 18.

"Sometimes that has taken me super far away from music into other mediums and other job opportunities that have nothing to do with the arts at all.

"I’m very flexible and what I’ve come to understand is that if you follow what you’re interested in, you’ll end up being the most creative in that field.

"Even if you get a 9-5 after you got the decade award, you need to do what feels right.

"I always like to say that the way I live my life is my poetry, my lovemaking is my legacy, and I get to make music in between.”