Lana Del Rey has cancelled a performance in Japan due to exhaustion.

The 'Video Games' singer was expected to play a gig in the Japanese capital Tokyo earlier this week but was forced to cancel, and has apologised to fans blaming her ''sickness''.

A representative for Lana said: ''It is with great regret Lana will not be performing in Tokyo today. She is suffering from exhaustion and the show had to be cancelled.

''Lana says, 'I am really sorry to not have made it over to Japan again, I would love to be there to sing and look forward to performing a show that the fans deserve'.''

She added on twitter: ''Wish I could be with everyone in Tokyo but I'm really sorry I am sick. Thinking of you and I will come back soon.''

Lana was initially forced to reschedule the Japanese performance after being unable to perform in the country earlier on this year

The 25-year-old singer has previously revealed she likes to reveal herself through her lyrics, which is why her fans ''know'' the real her.

She said: ''I think the people who sort of feel like they know me from my lyrics, and I think that they feel what I write about is what really went down and how I really feel about it.

''I think maybe what people who like me like about me is the fact that I really believe in myself and what I do and I never compromise with anything that I do in my life - not lyrically, not in reality.''