The bands will hit the road in January (16) to kick off the trek in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Two further support acts will be announced in due course.

Lamb of God, who are currently on the road with Megadeth, are still reeling from a brutal attack on frontman Randy Blythe outside a gig in Dublin, Ireland on Monday night (09Nov15).

The singer was jumped by a group of local men, who yelled, "Welcome to Dublin" as they punched and kicked the rocker.

Blythe suffered minor injuries and admits he has a taxi driver to thank for coming to his aid and chasing off the thugs.

In a post on his Instagram page, Blythe writes, "I walked one block away from my hotel to take some (pictures)... I looked up & saw 5 or 6 teenage dudes (16 to 18 year olds?) in hoodies & track pants spreading out around me.

"One kid drew up to my left getting close & blam (sic) - someone else hit me in the head from behind with something (I think they had a stick or whatever) - I saw stars for a second, then I heard car horns & a cabbie was driving at these kids & I was standing in the street trying to shake it off...

"Like all cowards & weaklings all over the world, they came at me in numbers and struck from behind. I never even had a chance to smash one of the little s**ts because the cabbie (thank you, whoever you are) scattered them while I was regaining my wits."