Rockers Lamb of God were forced to axe their concert in Las Vegas on Thursday (01Nov12) after frontman Randy Blythe fell ill.

The band was due to perform at the House of Blues in Sin City, but because Blythe was feeling unwell, Lamb of God postponed the gig until 12 December (12).

Waiting until the last minute to announce the cancellation in the hopes the singer would bounce back, the group took to the stage after its opening act In Flames wrapped up its set, saying, "Randy couldn't get out of bed today. He's incredibly sick, he had a doctor come see him who told him to stay in bed for 24 hours at least. We waited until the last minute, and Randy couldn't even speak English. He is not doing well...

"I can't believe this has happened. We've never cancelled a show. We all feel terrible about it. We really appreciate you guys coming out... We'd love to play for you, but I'm sorry we can't do it tonight."