Lamar Odom is still having problems adjusting since recovering from a coma in October. A series of strokes have left him with significant memory loss, with reports even suggesting that he can barely remember his own name, let alone how he ended up in hospital.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar OdomKhloe Kardashian remains supportive of estranged husband Lamar Odom

As well as problems with his recollection, he is often confused and brain damage has left him finding it difficult to express himself with speech. '[He] definitely has some memory loss', reported a source to Entertainment Tonight this week. '[He] forgets a lot of people's names -sometimes even his own.'

Odom was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel earlier this year, awakening from a coma after three days on life support after suffering from a string of strokes as well as kidney failure. It is believed his condition was caused by a drug overdose, though estranged wife Khloe Kardashian revealed on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' that they can't tell him how he ended up with a brain injury 'because that will set him back' in his recovery. 'He's really confused a lot - sometimes he knows who the president is and his birthday, and sometimes he thinks he's 26', she revealed. She also explains how he's 'learning how to walk again and feed himself and put sentences together'.

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A source also told People recently that his difficulty in putting sentences together is caused by 'oral motor speech disorder'. 'This makes it difficult for him to express himself verbally', they said, adding that he was currently receiving speech therapy.

Following his health battles, even if he recovers completely, a source told HollywoodLife that the Kardashians may make him retire from fame. 'Lamar is still in really rough shape and may never be seen in public ever again', they said. 'The Kardashian family may make him take a leave of absence from public life forever almost like Rob Kardashian who hasn't been seen for a long time in the public eye.'