Review of The Witching Hour Album by Ladytron


Ladytron - The Witching Hour - Album Review

Ladytron - The Witching Hour - Album Review

The Witching Hour

Released on August 29 th 2005, the Liverpool based four piece are back with this third album. Since “Light and Magic”, they have been allowed to be themselves as they have worked with Jim Abiss who has worked with Placebo and Kasabian. So as you can imagine, it’s going to be good, as both these bands are cool!

The album is synth-like but also has a pop sound to the record. I think this album has a more wild side to it. The album is much more in depth than the last two and I think its better! The atmosphere of this album is more electric and dark at the same time. The new single “Sugar” sets the record off to a great start, it’s has a certain nursery rhyme theme to this song – its quite funny!

To me, I can gather a force in this record, it’s quite powerful and has great vocals and is very arty! This comes across in their music – they take their music very seriously and the emotions throughout the songs are evident.

It also has the disco – reality sound! The songs are pop but at the same time they sort of hit home – lyrically most of the tracks are about feelings, being with someone, issues in daily life etc…

“International Dateline” is quite tearful too; the lyrics definitely touch a nerve! There is an atmosphere to this song.

The collection of songs sum up Ladytron and their message about their music!

You’ll have to listen to it to see how they have fulfilled themselves with this record!

Ladytron are going to be performing at the Wireless Festival on the 30 th June along with the Leeds and Reading Festival on 26 th and 27 th August 2005.

Candice Finney.