Review of Evil Single by Ladytron

Ladytron - Evil

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Ladytron- Evil - Telstar Records



Telstar Records

If you’re into any form of dance/alternative music then this should be good enough for you.

Ok, a more laid-back dance release though having already built a good reputation Ladytron now have another notch on there belt with this one. Evil isn't that Evil but it has promise and that should keep most happy. Now having the pleasure of good reviews in NME the future can only be bright for them. We are confronted with smooth vocals and lyrics which convey simplicity yet get the message across well. Long term it does not seem strong enough to hold everyone's attention though a market for it still remains. A group of people would appreciate it more as easy listening. As far as recording goes the quality is good if only a few more touches could be added including an instrumental lead on the keyboard to break the song up more.

All in all a reasonable crack at electro rock/pop Kraftwerk style.

Liam Golder

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