Review of Back Of The Van (Remixes) Album by Ladyhawke

Review of Ladyhawke's album Back Of The Van (Remixes) released through Modular.

Ladyhawke Back Of The Van (Remixes) Album

New Zealand's Pip Brown, AKA Ladyhawke is steadily building herself a UK fan base, winning over the public and critics alike with her 80's synth-pop tunes and brilliant Chrissie Hynde esque delivery. Despite previous singles Paris Is Burning and My Delirium surprisingly failing to achieve top-end chart success, her self titled debut album has now gone gold, selling 100,000 copies. To celebrate, she has re-released Back Of The Van, and with no less than 8 remixes accompanying the original, this is one for the die hard fanatics; believe me they are out there.

The original is a brilliant blend of rock and electro-pop with shimmering synths and soaring vocals. Lyrically the track outlines the anticipation and insecurity of a new relationship and Ladyhawke's delivery perfectly captures those emotions. Yes, the opening keyboard might be oddly reminiscent of Van Halen's Jump and the vocal comparisons with Stevie Nicks are justified; but what Ladyhawke manages to do is to use her 80s influences without making them clichéd, and she definitely stamps her own identity on the track.

On each of the remixes the track has been completely re-worked with the aim to get people on their feet. And there really is something for everyone - from the distorted synths on the Van She Tech Turbo Fire Engine Mix to the minimalist Mock And Toof Mix with its brilliant rhythmic bass line. Fred Falke also throws a couple of epic mixes into the bag and no doubt the WAWA Remix will be echoing around the clubs this year. In short, Back Of The Van is a great track and with some really inventive dance remixes, this a must for the summer.

Rating: 8/10

Robyn Burrows

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