Lady GaGa was inside her giant latex egg vessel she turned up to the 2011 Grammys in for "three days".

The 'A Star is Born' actress famously hatched out of a giant egg-shaped enclosure on stage at the glitzy awards ceremony after a dramatic red carpet arrival a decade ago.

And in a new interview with British Vogue in a video titled 'Life in Looks', Gaga has revealed she wanted to get a feel for being inside the Hussein Chalayan-designed prop days prior to performing 'Born This Way' at the awards.

The 35-year-old Oscar-winner also revealed how her team went to extreme lengths to track down some latex and ended up purchasing the material, which was typically only available at sex shops at the time, in vast quantities from a bus company.

She spilled: “We would call this an outfit.

“Everyone calls this the egg but it’s actually a vessel that was designed by Hussein Chalayan.

“I was very particular about the way the fashion looked for this performance in so much as the night before the performance I said, ‘The fashion’s wrong, we don’t have it. We need it to be latex. We need nude latex.'

“And if you know anything about looking for latex, years ago it was very difficult to find latex anywhere other than a sex shop, or – where we found this latex was a bus company had latex that they were using to cover the seats of their busses and we found the latex and we asked if we could buy it from them. So everybody’s fashion that’s made here was made from the fabric from seats for a bus.”

Gaga added: “I was in the egg for three days.

“To be honest, at award shows, especially during this time, I didn’t like to talk to people. I always felt that it threw me off with my performance so this in a lot of ways is really representative of my devotion to my craft in that I really wanted to be with myself.”