Lady Gaga and her boyfriend of three years Taylor Kinney appear to have taken their relationship to the next level as the pair have been seen glued to each other's side at two events this week and on the set of Chicago Fire, in which Kinney stars.

Lady Gaga
Lady GaGa at the Harper's Baazar party at the Plaza, New York.

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Although Gaga rarely shares much about her personal life with her Little Monsters, she's uploaded two Instagram pictures of Kinney and herself. The first one was of Gaga alone but showed her on the set of Kinney's television show Chicago Fire on Thursday (4th September). Leaning provocatively against a fire engine, wearing a lace bustier, 28-year-old Gaga added the caption "Take your girlfriend to work day."

The second picture was taken on Friday (5th September) when the two went to a Garth Brooks comeback concert at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. Gaga was evidently giggling whilst Kinney had his mouth pressed against her ear. As it turns out The Other Woman actor was serenading his pop icon girlfriend with 'I Got Friends In Low Places'. Gaga explained in the caption writing, "He's singing I Got Friends in Low Places. At the Garth Brooks show with my country boy. So much fun was screamin'!"

The next evening the two attended the Harper's Bazaar Celebrates ICONS by Carine Roitfeld party on Saturday (6th September) in New York. As NY Post reports Gaga performed, singing Jazz classics which she wrote - on an Instagram post from the night - "singing songs that have reverberated off the wall of the Plaza for decades." Whilst performing, Gaga dedicated a Cole Porter 'Every Time We Say Goodbye' song to Kinney. 

But reports would suggest the singer was less ladylike when addressing her guests at the Plaza as, according to Fox, she swore at them when attempting to silence the room before her performance. Gaga reportedly said "Will you (expletive) shut up? We're playing some jazz," adding "Goddamn rich people."

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