It's been a bad few weeks for Lady GaGa. Firstly, accused of being fat and a 'slut' by a republican politician, then upstaging Bieber's sickness by vomiting repeatedly on stage in Spain, and now, to top it off, her own fans booed her at her perfume launch having been over an hour late and then ignoring those once adoring fans that turned on her in a matter of seconds.

The launch of Gaga's new fragrance 'Fame' was being held at Harrods, London where black was the order of the day. There was a black carpet (as opposed to red) and 75 lucky competition winners at the launch were treated to black macaroons, though in contrast, it was DJ White Shadow who provided the musical entertainment. The black theme reflects the unique quality of Gaga's new perfume, that being that it's a "black fragrance that becomes clear once it has been sprayed", reports The Telegraph. The ester itself is provided by the poisonous yet beautiful flower Atropa Belladonna - which has poisonous black berries- plus saffron, honey and apricot.

Gaga was meant to be at Harrods at 7:30pm but didn't arrive until 8:45pm leaving fans distinctly disappointed. One Australian on holiday in London said "I'm disappointed, I thought she'd stand there for a while but we didn't see anything". Plus, Marcello Marino, who brought his 5 year old daughter Marcella to the launch, said "We thought she would come up to the fans. We've been here all day long but she didn't do anything". Finally, Luke Reader, a distinctly bitter fan commented that "It's quite ironic it's called Fame because it just shows how much fame has changed her. She couldn't even spend five minutes talking and having some pictures taken. It's not on."