Lady GaGa's latest music video for 'G.U.Y.', which stands for 'Girl Under You', is too bizarre for words. But here's a few on the Pop diva's latest Artpop creation:

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga released her new music video on Saturday (22nd March).

In a video which announces itself with 'House of Gaga present' we see Gaga as a fall angel lying in a field filled with money and men in suits. She's been shot down but incredibly her pink fish net tights have remained unscathed so there's something. She struggles her way to what appears to be a church and, after being picked up by two men in patent rain jackets and shorts, is carried to a pool party filled with fetish wearing men and women in wetsuits complete with matching hats. Gaga is reborn after being immersed in the pool and appears as a carnival dancer, sporting a fully plumed headdress. Shortly before her appearance, a cut away sequence shows the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills performing on various instruments and singing merrily along - you could not make this up...

Gaga gave fans a sneak preview of her video on her Instagram on Saturday (22nd March):

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The video gets into full swing when Gaga appears in a high legged white leotard and, helped by a man singing in the sky and synchronised swimmers, proceeds into complex dance routine accompanied by numerous backing dancers. With their white matching outfits and routine there's a definite 90s boy band flavour which sits poorly with the subplot of pseudo-divinity. 

Gaga has outdone herself this time with a mix of symbolism - note the references to Christ, angels, rebirth - and poor taste which puts Christ, Ghandi and Michael Jackson in the same room whilst moments later Gaga appears to be having an Anne Summer's party in a space ship. 

It's utterly bizarre and may be attractive to fans of the Mother Monster for this reason but it lacks a sense of coherence - it's Gaga down to a tee. See what you think. 

Watch Lady Gaga's Music Video for G.U.Y:

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