Pop star Lady GaGa has pledged to return to her native New York to help the clear-up from superstorm Sandy when she has a break in her world tour.

The Poker Face hitmaker was in Puerto Rico when the post-tropical cyclone battered the East Coast of America last Monday (29Oct12), and the singer told fans she had been plunged into despair as she watched the disaster unfold in her home state.

Now, Gaga has promised to do all she can to help the Big Apple and New Jersey recover from the storm - just as soon as she has a gap in her Born This Way Ball trek.

In a series of posts on her Twitter.com page, she writes, "East coast how are you holding up? How are you New York? Staying strong I hope, thinking of you all the time. Can't even watch news feed.

"I'll be there as soon as i can to help my old neighborhood. I'm on tour + can't let my fans down. I want to help with my hands with all of u. Don't even get me started on the jersey shore. I will never get over it. Aren't even enough Bruce (Springsteen) songs to fill the void. I love the jersey shore. I used to go when i was a little girl and buy penny candy with my daddy + go to the arcade."