Though Gaga can certainly do weird, strange, bizarre, awful, creepy, curious, eccentric, kooky and criminal, she can also do..fashionable. Last month, she turned out for an appearance on Good Morning America wearing an oversized black jacket, black shades and leather platform shoes. Needless to say, the whole thing looked pretty good and we'd probably call it the best Lady GaGa outfit this year.

Lady gaga Good Morning AmericaLady Gaga Arriving For Good Morning America

And then we're back to the downright hilarious. Lady Gaga pictures are probably worth a premium, so the paparazzi probably couldn't believe they're luck when the pop-superstar emerged from a rehearsal studio in London in October wearing a pig snout on her nose. Yep, a pig snout. The singer was preparing for her upcoming iTunes Festival show at The Roundhouse in Camden, though chose to don the strange accessories upon leaving the place. Oh and she was also holding a miniature toy pig. And she had pink braids in her hair. 

Lady Gaga pig snoutLady Gaga's Pigsnout

So there we have it, a selection of the weirdest Lady Gaga outfits in recent months, but why not check out the rest of our Lady Gaga pictures - there's some real humdingers. 

Lady Gaga Pink BraLady Gaga Pink Bra

Lady Gaga black suit
Lady Gaga In A Black Suit

Lady Gaga Fans
Lady Gaga with her fans

Lady Gaga bubble machine
Lady Gaga and her bubble machine.