It was the night before Halloween when Lady GaGa donned, arguably, her strangest outfit of her recent promotional tour. Of course, the ghoulish period is perfect for Mother Monster to bust out some strange combinations, but it was her ridiculous headwear that maybe for some of the weirdest Lady Gaga pictures we've had through for a long time. A sort of ode to Batman, Gaga's headwear was a weird leather alien-esque creation that made it difficult for her to figure out what was in front of her. She left her London hotel for a publicity event looking a little unsteady, though managed to keep hold of her matching bag.

Lady Gaga hatLady Gaga's Bat-Hat

Yep, it's one of the funniest Lady Gaga pictures we've ever seen. It's the Lady Gaga outfit that makes her look like a porcupine. You know the one. Yep, of course you do. Well, we couldn't help but laugh when this little beauty landed in our in-box. It shows Gaga leaving a television studio in London after appearing on The Graham Norton Show. She wears a strange feathered hat, which is...just ridiculous.

Lady Gaga feather hatLady Gaga's feather-hat

Of course, Lady Gaga outfits are weirder. But what happens when Lady Gaga outfits become so weird that they're actually a little scary? It sort of happened in Berlin last month when the Poker Face singer arrived at her hotel in one of her most bizarre creations. To this day, we still can't really figure out what Gaga was going for, but what is very much apparent is that she is wearing a stick on moustache. And a huge fur coat. And suspenders. Oh, and her hair is slicked back. 

Lady Gaga moustacheLady Gaga's Moustache Outfit

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