We start off with a fairly demure Lady GaGa outfit, by her standards anyway. Last week, the pop star stopped traffic in Times Square when 2,500 people turned out to catch a glimpse of the singer cutting the ribbon for H&M's new New York City store. Gaga opted for a multi- colored customized jumpsuit.

Lady Gaga H&MLady Gaga At H&M This Week

On Monday 11 November, Lady Gaga thrilled the press by turning up at the Hangar at the Brooklyn Navy Yard to launch her new album ARTPOP. Wearing a sort of astronaut-cum-UFO outfit, she even tried out a flying prototype hover.thing.and floated about for a while. Needless to say, everyone present made sure they had these Lady Gaga pictures. 

Lady Gaga flyingLady Gaga, Getting Ready to Fly

Geisha appears to be a favorite style of Lady Gaga in recent months and she stepped out in traditional Japanese getup in London last month. The superstar singer left her hotel in the English capital carrying what can only be described as an umbrella in the shape of a shell. Ahhh, where would we be without these types of Lady Gaga outfits?

Lady Gaga geishaLady Gaga Going Geisha

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