Lady GaGa has revealed that she was advised to “get a nose job” when she first started out in the music industry.

Speaking to Sky News on the red carpet of the London premiere of her new film A Star Is Born, the pop star – real name Stefani Germanotta - said: “I was told when I was first starting out that I should get a nose job, but I didn't because I wanted to be who I was.”

She drew on some of that experience to play the part of her character Ally in the new film, but knew that she had to differentiate her real-life lessons and the requirements of the performance.

“I really believed in myself when I started out pounding on doors to break down all of the barriers in the music industry, I really had courage,” she said. “She doesn't have that, she's not brave and she's not full of self-confidence.”

Lady GagaLady Gaga drew on the experience for her role in 'A Star Is Born'

A Star Is Born is the directorial debut of Hollywood star Bradley Cooper, and is a re-make of a film made in 1936. It concerns a love story of an ageing rock star and a young up-and-coming singer, whose career he champions.

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Also speaking to Sky News, 43 year old Cooper described Gaga’s performance as “deep” and “honest”.

“It's a tribute to her character and how she makes people feel, and why she has so many millions of loyal fans is because they feel that she's authentic,” he said.

Gaga, 32, was sure to return to compliment to her co-star and director, saying Cooper had made her “feel so happy” on set. “It was like a sanctuary for making art,” the former ‘American Horror Story’ star said. “It was wonderful.”

A Star Is Born opens in UK cinemas on October 3rd.

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