When Lady GaGa promised her fans that she would “strip herself bare” in order to find inspiration for her new album, Artpop, only the clairvoyant would have foreseen her stripping down to just her skin and appearing in a Marina Abramovic performance art video.

Lady GagaLady Gaga at the 20th Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit

Then again, this is Lady Gaga.

The video sees the star hugging a giant crystal, walking blind-folded through a garden and bending over a stick in a forest, while intermittent chanting and an underlying base provide an eerie soundtrack for proceedings. You can check out the video below, and, unless you’ve only decided to start reading now, which would be weird, she’s naked in it. That’s a nudity warning, right there.

Marina Abramovic is on the lips of some pretty major stars recently. Not only has she appeared in the video for Jay Z's 'Picasso Baby', Frank Ocean mentioned her in the lyrics to a remix he recently posted online. “I sold enough records I'm selling out cities/I don't do no promo/Marina Abramovic Riccardo Tisci Madonna Beyonce/And Donatella if you don't believe me believe what the blogs say,” goes Versace.

The video, which has caused quite a stir, is part of a kickstarter campaign, which is aiming to raise $600,000 to spread her unusual "Method". Donate $1 and you’ll be “personally hugged” by the artist at events called ‘The Embrace’ in two secret locations in New York and Europe. $232,225 has already been pledged.

Marina AbramovicMarina Abramovic has caused a stir with her kickstarter video