Perennial investor, Troy Carter (that’s the name of a man living the American dream, isn’t it?) has lost one of his biggest money-spinners: Lady GaGa. The tech-savvy mogul and the effervescent pop star have parted ways due to creative differences.

Lady Gaga ARTPOPLady Gaga shows off her ARTPOP tattoo

Carter was widely considered to be the brains behind the operation, while Gaga provided the creative – sometimes-groundbreaking – output. He propelled the singer’s social media presence to an unprecedented high, with 60m and 40m likes/followers on Facebook and Twitter respectively.

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“She was very specific about her vision, all of the music was there, and all she needed was someone to help her translate it to the rest of the world, which is where I came in,” Carter said in an interview earlier this year. The tech mogul has his investing fingers in the Uber, Spotify, and Dropbox pies.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the creative differences that lead to the pair’s professional split have left Carter feeling liberated, as he can continue to up his stake in the tech market. “It’s sad but it’s also liberating at the same time,” a source told Us Weekly. “One door closes and another opens.”

Lady GagaGaga's artwork for her single, Applause

She may have split from her manager, but Gaga poured icy cold water over the rumors that her and boyfriend Taylor Kinney had parted ways. The pair were involved in a rather statement-worthy display of affection at the YouTube awards on Sunday, sending out a message to suggest their still very much together.

Gaga’s new album, ARTPOP comes out on November 11th, and with the record already imparting two well received singles in Do What U Want and Applause, this is probably her most anticipated piece of work to date.