Lady GaGa is all-action at the moment. She appeared as the sultry siren in the Machete Kills trailer, and now the film has a music video to match. Aura is a strange amalgamation of dance, pop and retro, much like the film is a mix of action, comedy and all out gore.

Lady Gaga Machete KillsThe Sultry Lady Gaga in Machete Kills

The lyric video features kitsch silhouettes of the female figure, graphics of the song’s lyrics spliced with footage and action from the film itself including scenes from her co-stars Charlie Sheen, Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez and Amber Heard.

It is, like you’d expect with anything to do with Lady Gaga, ridiculous. La Chameleon has been busy; not only has the video for Aura just dropped, but the artwork and track listing for new album Artpop has too.

Sofia VergaraLady Gaga
Sofia Vergara & Lady Gaga star in Machete Kills

She revealed the latter on Twitter, posting "Tracklist is late because 2 songs are cockfighting for the #12 spot. I'll let u know which cock wins at 9pm tonight :) get out the champagne.” She later added: "No matter what I create only 3 artifacts will remain in the vault when I'm gone 1. the music 2. The album cover 3. any contributions of good".

Watch the video for Lady Gaga's Aura

Gaga’s Artpop cover featured a sculpture of the singer, depicting her as totally nude with a huge, blue crystal ball between her legs.

Machete Kills is the follow up to Machete, speaking about her role in the film, Lady Gaga said: "I went out, and I bought some tequila, and put on my leather jacket, and I watched the film (Machete), and I laughed the whole time.  I am a really big fan, and all of the stars aligned and I'm really happy to be here."

As would be expected, the popstar had much to do with the creation of her character's appearance "When I first spoke to Robert about the part, La Camaleon, I told him that I had some very specific ideas about her outfit.  I told him about her wolf coat, and I spoke to him about having a machete tattoo, and tangerine hair.  He really liked my ideas, and I love his ideas, so together we created this little moment in the film, and it's very nice."

Machete Kills posterThe Machete Kills poster