Lady GaGa will kick off the month-long iTunes Festival on Sunday, 1 September night at London's Roundhouse, where she will definitely be playing some of her hotly-anticipated new material. Having already performed first single 'Applause' and aired a rehearsal video of herself and her backing band performing the track 'Swine' earlier this week, and with a couple of other tracks making their way online already - namely 'Burqa' and Manicure' - the Mother Monster has uploaded another video of herself teasing what's on offer for the lucky few who managed to get tickets for the iTunes Festival.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga, in her more familiar Mickey Mouse-inspired look, will headline the iTunes Festival tonight

With lyrics like "last night damn, you were in my sex dreams doing really nasty things" and "when I lay in bed in touch myself and think of you," the track is her most sexually-charge new single to be teased so far. 'Sex Dreams' also sounds as though it could be one of her darker songs, with it's ominous drum beat and synth line complimenting the verse, with the cymbal crash ushering in a more uptempo chorus that is dampened by her ethereal singing. Kind of like a less choral 'Like A Prayer.'

Gaga has already admitted that her iTunes Festival appearance will serve as a launching pad for her new material, where she will dedicate one hour to performing entirely new songs from her upcoming album ArtPop. She tweeted in mid-August that her headline performance will consist of at least one hour worth of new material and went on to confirm that one track from the new album will be a continuation of her 'Telephone' music video that featured Beyonce. She told UK radio station Kiss FM, "I'm very excited to be filming it and doing it. I will say that one of the songs I will be playing at the Roundhouse is meant to be the continuation."

Gaga will headline the first iTunes Festival outing of the year on September 1 and will release her new album, ArtPop on November 11.

Lady Gaga London
Gaga has been spotted around London for the past week or so ahead of her iTunes performance