Lady GaGa didn't want to be ''herself''.

The 'Joanne' hitmaker admits there was a time in her life where she would struggle to even be herself as she was battling ''depression and sadness'' and felt ''threatened'' by the pace of life.

Speaking to People magazine, she shared: ''I used to wake up in the morning, and I would realise I was 'Lady Gaga'. And then I became very depressed and sad, and I didn't want to be myself. I felt threatened by the things my career brought into my life and the pace of my life. I spent a lot of time in a sort of catatonic state of just not wanting to do anything. And then I finally, slowly started to make music and tell my story through my record.''

Meanwhile, Gaga previously revealed her desire to live her dreams made her feel ''tortured and traumatised''.

She explained: ''One of the hardest things in life is to be brave enough to be yourself. I wish to everyone that's going to that celebration to feel that joy inside them. That's what Bradley said to me yesterday right before we did our last rehearsal for the live performance of 'Shallow'. He said, 'Let's just drop a little bit of joy'. And it turns out joy did a lot for me. The truth is I was so determined to live my dreams and yet there was so much in the way. There was so many things I didn't anticipate that broke me, that tortured me, that traumatised me.''

And Gaga insisted that fame doesn't make you happy.

She said: ''Money has been put on a pedestal, beauty has been put on a pedestal, celebrity has been put on a pedestal.

''I have travelled the world and seen the happiest people in the poorest parts of the world. Their values are intact. In the richest homes I meet the saddest and most depressed people. With this album I wanted to remind the whole world and my fans that the most important things are love and kindness. Kindness is what will create harmony, not celebrity and not fame.''