Lady GaGa hosted SNL for the very first time this past weekend and it was brilliant/over-the-top/weird/hilarious. And of course, she doubled as the musical guest for that evening, performing for the very first time 'Gypsy' off her shiny new album ARTPOP (less shiny now that the critics have had their way with it, but still).

Lady Gaga, Machete Kills Still
It was Gaga's first time hosting this past weekend.

Gaga didn’t let the ambivalent reviews take away any of her sparkle though and belted out an emotional rendition of the song, complete with a hot pink grand piano to match the backing band’s outfits, a guitar trio (which the Lady herself joined at one point) and, of course, what performance would be complete without a tambourine player clad only in shiny purple trousers. Clearly, you have to watch this video. 

Check out the video below:

Yeah, the song is pretty emotional too and would probably play well after an unpleasant breakup (completely hypothetical situation here) but this is the kind of performance that shows where Gaga’s strength truly lies. Namely – in wacky costumes, choreographed routines and tunes, belted out live. Speaking of which, the chance to see Lady Gaga live will be available to anyone in London on December 8th, when she is scheduled to play the London arena. Unfortunately, a full-blown ARTPOP tour has not been announced yet.

Lady Gaga, ARTPOP Cover
The album was released on the 11th, but fans are still eagerly awaiting a full tour schedule.