All that was actually a brief summary of what’s going on in the G.U.Y. video, which leaves us still asking, what does it all mean? Well in Decmeber Gaga described the song as being about ‘3rd wave feminisim’ and how she doesn't feel the need to be on top all the time or 'take charge like a man' instead she's a power bottom who likes to be underneath. Meaning she's strong enough to be comfortable underneath and know's she doesn't have to be on top cause she's worth it. Got it?

Lady GagaArt + pop= Artpop, classic Gaga

From what we can see in the video, it appears to be the music industry that Gaga is trying to come out on top of, taking down the suited executives. Why? Well she's had her critics and Gaga always likes to set herself apart from the music mainstram. Since we all know Gaga is the queen of ‘Artpop’, what she really could be doing is making a statement about the death of art in music because of commercialism. Then there's also the inclusion of the 'Real Housewives' which could be a nod to current celebrity culture, which often favours reality stars over real artists. Maybe its all Gaga trying to reinstate herself in the music world after recent criticisms . Or maybe she just wanted to make a really odd video that would get us all talking. If that's the case, mission accomplished again Gaga. 

Watch the video for G.U.Y. here: