What Demi might have forgotten is that Gaga herself has also spoken out about her struggles with eating disorders, including bulimia. In 2012, in response to media coverage of her weight gain, she posted pictures of herself wearing just a bra and underpants on her social networking site, LittleMonsters.com, with a caption that read 'bulimia and anorexia since I was 15.’ She then launched what she called the ‘body revolution’ and invited her fans to share pictures of what were their perceived body flaws. No one can really say that Gaga hasn't done her part to help fans gain a more positive body image during her time in the spotlight. After all Gaga's image isn't based around being the regular 'sexy' popstar, instead she chooses to present herself a little differently wether people like it or not.

Lady GagaIn Defence of Lady GaGa

Whilst Gaga doesn't always get things right as an artist or a performer, we can't expect her to. She’s known for pushing boundaries and showing extremes in her work. But what she has proven time and time again that she does care about her fans and tries to be a positive role model for them. She might not fit the perceived image of what a positive role model should be, ie someone who’s always good and never does anything slightly wrong, instead she focuses on giving people the freedom to express themselves and love themselves despite any percieved flaws. Lovato too cares about her fans, which is why she was so quick to criticise Gaga. You also cant really blame Demi for her viewpoint. She spent years being held up as a Disney teen idol, only to buckle under the pressure. She knows all too well the influence performers can have on young fans, so it's not surprising that she may  think younger fans might take Gaga’s performance the wrong way.

Really to call Gaga’s vomit performance ‘art’ might be a stretch, but to call it ‘glamourising eating disorders’ is a stretch too far as well. Really it was just another of bit of controversy stirred up by Gaga, who, although questionable at times, can't be imagined to want to promote anything as harmful as bulimia to her fan base. If there’s one positive thing that we can at least take from Gaga’s performance and Lovato’s reaction it's that we’re talking about the dangers of eating disorders once again. The fight against bulimia is at least something that both artist should be able to stand side by side on.

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