The artwork for Lady GaGa's latest album has been criticised by her fans.

Followers of the 25-year-old hitmaker expressed their dismay and horror on twitter when she excitedly revealed the 'Born This Way' cover.

In the artwork the outlandish 'Judas' singer appears to be morphing into a motorcycle, with her head forming handlebars and her arms mutating into The Front Wheels.

For a special edition of the album, the cover zooms onto her face showing her baring her teeth in a bizarre snarl.

She tweeted: "Can't believe it's here! So happy+free to finally share this w you. (sic)"

However fans are largely unimpressed and some have even insisted the cover must be a fake.

One wrote: "WTF NO. A F***ING MOTORCYCLE (sic)"

Another said: "This better be fake. Because I'm not OK with it."

The reaction will surprise Gaga, who says she spent a long time working on the cover and seemed confident it would get a positive reation before she unveiled it.

Talking in one of her 'Gagavision' Youtube videos last week she said: "I have been up for approximately 72 hours straight working on finishing this record, and I finally finished the album cover. I love it so much!"