KISS would like to record a song with Lady GaGa.

'Marry the Night' singer Gaga has admitted she is a fan of the glam rockers - famed for their face paint and spectacular stage shows - and guitarist Paul Stanley is keen for them to get together on record.

When asked if they would collaborate, he told "Anything's possible. She's terrific, and it's not improbable."

Also like Gaga, Paul says one of the keys to the band's success has been their dedication to putting on a larger than life show for their audience.

He added: "We ultimately have always seen ourselves as a live band that prides itself not only in playing music but in entertaining. And I say 'ENTERTAINMENT' in capital letters with lights flashing around it. We're proud of that.

"There's nothing worse than going to a concert and paying for a high-priced ticket and seeing somebody stroll out onto stage and sit on a stool. You kind of wonder where your money went."

Paul also claims the band's costumes - which see Paul dress as the 'Starchild', bassist Gene Simmons as a Demon, Eric Singer as The Cat and Tommy Thayer as The Spaceman - are also integral to keeping their mystique alive.

He said: "I don't necessarily want to buy a t-shirt with a guy on it who looks like my neighbour. Part of [the reason our fans are so devoted] is to do with how boring most bands are."

KISS tour the US later this month.