Lady GaGa has confirmed she wrote her new track Judas about a lover who broke her heart, just days after she announced her split from boyfriend Luc Carl.
The pop superstar encompasses biblical themes in her latest release and was heavily criticised by Christian groups for the imagery used in the accompanying music video.
Gaga has now revealed the religious overtones hide a deeply personal meaning behind the lyrics as she is singing about a boyfriend who betrayed her. The news comes less than two weeks after Gaga confirmed her relationship with heavy metal drummer Carl has come to an end.
In an interview with Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts for Britain's MTV, she says, "I've had a lot of ex-boyfriends betray me - a**holes, we all have them... I began to write a song about an ex-lover who betrayed me, who loved heavy metal music.
"And then I thought about the biblical implications and how Judas was the betrayer. And once I thought about what I wanted to do with the video... Judas didn't really betray Christ because he was part of the prophecy. So I thought a more liberating way to tackle the message of the song - we attack the idea by saying my ex betrayed me and this person haunts me, but I forgive them."
The full interview - Nicola Roberts Meets Lady Gaga - airs in the U.K. on Monday night (23May11).