Lady GaGa and Kelly/Sharon Osbourne's feud may be over before it has begun, with the waters of conflict still looking relatively calm.

It may not be exactly a celebrity feud after all. Despite our collective hunger for even the tiniest ounce of scandal, nothing new is happening in the reported Osbournes/Lady Gaga feud. To summarize the entire conflict: earlier during the week Lady Gaga posted an open letter, directed at Kelly Osbourne, accusing her of judging and mocking her fellow celebrities “like zoo animals”, from the platform of her E! show Fashion Police. Following Gaga’s accusation, a lot of her fans apparently snapped at Miss Osbourne (as Little Monsters have been known to do), resorting to insults and even death threats.

That was pretty harsh, to say the least, but after Momma Sharon got involved the whole thing got even uglier. Her own letter to Gaga uses descriptions like “attention seeking hypocrite” and “bully”. Ouch. It is interesting that Sharon Osbourne chose to get involved, while Kelly herself has remained remarkably composed and quiet about the whole thing, but then again, the elder Osbourne does have a lot more experience in the feuding department. It seems that things have calmed down over the weekend though, with neither party responding further. We’re not sure if we’re happy about the fragile truce or slightly disappointed, to be honest. Calm down everybody – the kickoff of celebrity feuds for the year has been postponed until further notice.