Pop music just isn’t enough for Lady GaGa. The threat of acting in a Quentin Tarantino movie just isn’t enough for Lady Gaga. Launching perfumes just isn’t enough for Lady Gaga. Now, it seems, Stefani Germanotta (aka Lady Gaga, aka Mother Monster) is shaping herself up to become Michael Jackson’s official archivist and historical restoration expert.

Not only did Gaga recently spend about a gazillion dollars on Michael Jackson-related memorabilia at an auction recently, but The Sun have now reported that she is in talks to purchase his legendary Neverland Ranch amusement park. Neverland is currently owned by Sycamore Valley Ranch – they purchased it when Jacko was undergoing serious financial problems. Michael’s kids Prince Michael, Blanket and Paris still own shares in Neverland though, as does his mother, Katherine. According to a source, The Sun reports that Lady Gaga has become good friends with Michael’s sister LaToya and would apparently like nothing more than to restore Neverland to its former glory.

“Lady Gaga is obsessed with Michael,” said the source, which would certainly explain her recent extravagant expenditure. If Gaga did invest in the property, it could potentially help Michael’s kids out with their investment for the future, as the source explains: “His kids are all desperate to hold on to their childhood home so they can decide what they want to do with it properly when they've grown up. Gaga would love to help with the financial costs by buying a share.” 

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