Steve Aoki doesn't follow trends.

The 'Just Hold On' hitmaker thinks it is far more important to follow his instincts and ''passion'' than pay attention to what is popular because he'd rather create a ''culture'' himself.

He said: ''Ultimately, you have to follow your passion, your gut - not trends. Follow what drives you the most.

''If you believe in your own sound and art in the way that other people follow that release, you can create a future, a whole culture, and the culture itself will transcend everyone's consciousness.''

Steve believes the problem with following trends means you are always trailing behind, instead of leading from the front.

He continued to Headliner magazine: ''You could become the next Mannequin Challenge and then your song, 'Black Beatles', is number one around the world without you even knowing it. Something you're able to get behind, you know?

''And you can't manufacture that as there's no formula for it. Just believe what you're doing.

''If you're going to follow a trend, you're always going to be behind it, so you can't think about that.''

The 39-year-old EDM superstar keeps his own music fresh by being ''inquisitive'' and exploring different genres.

He said: ''People you work with are also going to be part of your movie, your story.

''My network now is so broad - from working with Lady Antebellum to finishing a song with Migos and Lil Yachty - so I keep my spectrum wide open to different genres of music and I am inspired by all people.

''I don't need to be educated in country music but if someone does something that elevates them in their world, I am curious and inquisitive. Be curious. Be inquisitive.''