Labrinth's new album is ''all about the vocals''.

The 'Earthquake' hitmaker claims he's taken a step back from dance music and really worked at improving his voice for the tracks on his upcoming second album 'Take Me To The Truth'.

He said: ''It's all about the vocals on the new songs. The first album didn't have as much depth as this record, because I was still learning and still trying to experiment with production and being inspired by club music.

''I feel like some of that essence got lost on the first album. This is completely different. I've worked so hard on my singing.

''It's all about me and my voice, which is bold. There have been nerves.''

The 25-year-old star has already found success with the first two tracks from the record, 'Let It Be' and 'Jealous', but he admits he's more nervous performing live than ever before.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''And playing live is intense. It's like not wearing any make-up. It feels like I'm singing, standing on stage in just my boxers, so it's great and liberating.''

Labrinth - whose real name is Timothy McKenzie - also admitted to writing 'Jealous' about his father leaving his mother and their nine children.

He explained: ''It was my perception of how my dad leaving my family affected us all ... I think it is one of the strongest songs because it made me have to take a bit of myself out and put it on a record and I've never really done that before.''