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Michael Jackson's Bodyguards Reveal Intimate Details About His Final Years

Michael Jackson La Toya Jackson Paris Jackson

Michael Jackson’s bodyguards, Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard, have written a book giving their account of the final years of Jackson’s life. The two men spent two-and-a-half years working for Jackson, even continuing out of loyalty once he could no longer afford to pay them. They insist that Jackson was a good father and a good man: “We worked for Mr Jackson. We didn’t work for the King of Pop. We got to see him as a man and a father. It was so good to see the side of him which was so in tune as a parent, from helping them with their homework and making sure they were eating right, to putting them to bed.”

Michael Jackson Bodyguard Book Michael Jackson, also known as the King of Pop, died in 2009

They address the rumour that had dogged Jackson in the years leading up to his death and that has lingered since - that he was a paedophile. Both Whitfield and Beard deny that Jackson was sexually attracted to children, instead claiming he had two secret affairs with women. While they deny that Jackson was a paedophile, they do admit he was eccentric: “He was certainly eccentric…He would go into a store and buy everything. When we stayed in hotels he would buy thousands of books. At one point, he bought a whole bookstore.”

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La Toya Jackson: 10 Facts About Michael’s Newly Engaged Big Sister

La Toya Jackson Michael Jackson

La Toya Jackson is back in the spotlight. The elder sibling of Michael and Janet has just announced her engagement to manager Jeffré Phillips and is about to begin season two of her reality series 'Life With La Toya'. La Toya has had her fair share of ups and downs over the years, but thanks to her famous surname, she’s never strayed too far from the public eye. Here’s 10 things you might not know about the middle Jackson child.

La Toya JacksonLa Toya has recently become engaged to her manager

1. La Toya was born on May 29th 1956 to Joseph and Katherine Jackson. She was the fifth of ten Jackson children and shares a birthday with sister Rebbie, who is six years older.

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La Toya Jackson Engaged, But Who Is Jeffre Phillips?

La Toya Jackson

La Toya Jackson has been secretly engaged to her business partner Jeffre Phillips since August last year. 58 year old La Toya, who is the fifth child of the famous Jackson family, of whom Michael Jackson was a member, has announced plans to wed Phillips, who popped the question in Hawaii.

La Toya Jackson Engaged La Toya Jackson has confirmed her engagement to friend and manager Jeffre Phillips, pictured above

La Toya was said to have been totally surprised by the proposal so she didn’t shout “YES!” immediately. She explained, “I had no clue. I couldn’t understand why he was so nervous.” Jackson is said to be head over heels for Phillips who she describes as her “best friend”: “I was in total shock. We’re best friends and we’ve been business partners forever. It was always professional - no one really crossed those boundaries.”

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Paris Jackson Is Victim Of Cyber Bullying, Comments On Facebook 'Destroyed Her'

Michael Jackson Paris Jackson La Toya Jackson

Paris Jackson has been bullied online which may have caused the teenager to self-harm, resulting in her hospitalisation, according to sources close to the daughter of Michael Jackson. At only 15, Paris is at risk of cyber bullying perhaps more than anyone else as she is in the public eye. The bullying extends far beyond her own circle of acquaintances as the rest of the world has plenty to say about her. 

A number of 'official' Facebook pages exist for Paris Jackson fans, of which she appears to have many. Whilst many offer supportive comments wishing the teenager well and for her health to improve, a few are highly critical making comments about Paris' relationship with her parents. 

On Paris' personal Facebook page accusations by acquaintances, according to TMZ, have centred on the relationship she shared with her father including references to molestation. 

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Michael Jackson's Family Fail To Show In Court

Michael Jackson Marilyn Manson Debbie Rowe La Toya Jackson Paris Jackson

Michael Jackson's family failed to show up in court on Wednesday (06.06.13)

The Jackson family were meant to attend the high-profile court case after filing a wrongful death lawsuit against concert promoters AEG Live, but had other things on their mind after the King of Pop's 15-year-old daughter allegedly tried to kill herself on the same morning.

Paris was rushed to hospital in Calabasas, California after she allegedly cut her wrists and took an overdose of pills following a blazing row, which saw her complain she wanted to live her ''own life'' after being told she couldn't attend a Marilyn Manson gig that same day.

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Aubrey O'Day, LaToya Jackson and Abby Lee Miller - Rupaul's Drag Race Season 5 at the El Portal Theater - VIP Room - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 1st May 2013

Aubrey O'day, Latoya Jackson and Abby Lee Miller

The Strangest Thing In The World: LaToya Jackson Hears Michael Jackson's Ghost Tap-Dancing

La Toya Jackson Michael Jackson

La Toya Jackson is convinced that she can hear her late brother’s ghost tap-dancing in the family house. The former Celebrity Apprentice star LaToya was talking on Good Day New York when she confessed that she can still feel Michael Jackson’s presence at times. One of her security guards apparently told her that he could hear tapping, like someone tap-dancing, in the house. “When he told me I said ‘You’re kidding,’ that made me want to know even more about hearing someone tap dance over a certain part of the house. Michael used to do that every Sunday for two hours.”

“It’s the strangest thing because you feel something like thick around you or behind you and you’re wondering,” she described. “You don’t see anything, but you feel a presence … It’s very interesting because it is there, it’s definitely there.” La Toya went on to reveal more details about the friendly haunting: “We go up there and no one’s up there … and just tap dancing,” she recalled. “And the dog barks at his room, the window, every single night at the same time … the dog doesn’t even know that that’s Michael’s room, and the security didn’t know … so it’s weird.”

On the show, LaToya explained that she likes to surround herself with positive people. She didn’t seem willing to talk about her clash with Omarosa on Celebrity Apprentice. In fact, she managed to side-step those questions, completely and was so adamant that she didn’t want to answer, that the show’s presenters just skipped straight on to the next topic.  

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Celebrity Apprentice Line-Up Revealed: The Busey Is Back!

Gary Busey BRET MICHAELS Stephen Baldwin Trace Adkins Lil Jon Marilu Henner Lisa Rinna La Toya Jackson Penn Jillette

The Celebrity Apprentice has revealed its cast for its forthcoming new series. Donald Trump returns to host the show and there are fourteen "celebrities" (the term appears to be getting more and more loosely judging by the names involved) who will be vying for the attention of the business mogul.

Ready for some the list, then? Here you go: BRET MICHAELS, Trace Adkins, Lil Jon, Marilu Henner, Lisa Rinna, La Toya Jackson, Gary Busey, Stephen Baldwin, Penn Jillette and Omarosa are among the names included for the forthcoming season. Busey's a personal favourite of ours thanks to his hilariously awful turn in the 1992 classic 'Under Siege'. If this season goes anything like that film, expect Busey to be bursting out of a cake dressed as a woman and wearing lipstick. Will it be enough to win him the competition? Hard to tell.

Stephen Baldwin commented on the show "So far it's been very sweet and peaceful and calm, but that's kind of scary. I think we've got a couple of zingers coming. It should be very exciting." Bret Michaels comeback to the show will hopefully be a smoother one for him. The Poison front man won the 2010 edition of the program, but did so whilst battling serious health problems. "I was really sick, and this time I'm ready to come back, but being a lifelong diabetic, I'm ready," he said. The winner, as usual, gains $250,000 for a charity of their choice. and a badly needed profile boost.

La Toya Jackson - Latoya Greaves and Warren Weir, Tuesday 24th July 2012 Jamaican track and field team athletes training session at Birmingham University for London Olympics 2012

La Toya Jackson

Video - Fans Of Michael Jackson Await The Verdict Of Dr. Murray Outside Los Angeles Superior Court

Fans and photographers alike gathered outside the Los Angeles Superior Court to hear the verdict in Dr. Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial related to the death of entertainer Michael Jackson. The Jackson family make their way in to the courtroom; LaToya Jackson in particular looks confident that Dr. Murray will be found guilty.

As the news that he is found guilty spreads among the fans, they cheer and scream. As the Jackson family leave, flanked by policemen, Jermaine punches the air and LaToya tells the photographers that 'justice was served' for Dr. Murray

Video - La Toya Jackson Arriving At BOA Steakhouse

Singer-songwriter, TV personality, musician and actress La Toya Jackson, older sister of Michael Jackson, arrives at BOA Steakhouse and greets paparazzi before entering the building

Kathy Hilton and La Toya Jackson - Kathy Hilton and La Toya Jackson Los Angeles, California - Celebrities depart Il Cielo in Beverly Hills after attending the birthday party of Kathy Hilton Friday 18th March 2011

Kathy Hilton and La Toya Jackson

Kathy Hilton, La Toya Jackson and Real Housewives - Kathy Hilton and LaToya Jackson West Hollywood, California - Bravo's 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Series Premiere Party held at Trousdale Monday 11th October 2010

La Toya Jackson - LaToya Jackson Thursday 16th September 2010 at Macy's Los Angeles, California

La Toya Jackson
La Toya Jackson

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