It all started when Elly Jackson of La Roux fame answered a question on Kanye West by saying: "No, f*ck him. Nobody likes him." Actually, it seems like it all started when Jackson showed her erstwhile collaborator some disco tracks while producing the follow up album, ‘Trouble in Paradise’. Either way, there’s bad blood. 

La RouxHey, it's La Roux

Langmaid seems to have stirred the proverbial pot of faeces by declaring his love for Kanye on Twitter, flying directly in the face of Jackson’s comments. Whatever your opinions on Kanye, it’s clear that at least a few people do actually like him. But that’s not really what Langmaid was getting at, we presume.

Then the disillusionment become more crystallised and shifted from the vague, shifty motives of his previous Kanye Tweet. “The guys an idiot. He's the reason I left” he tweeted, responding to a question about Ian Sherman, current engineer with La Roux on the latest, critically acclaimed album, on which he is credited as a writer on three tracks: Let Me Down Gently, Trouble in Paradise, and Uptight Downtown. 

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Recalling how Langmaid found it difficult to adapt as her tastes had moved on after making the duo's 2009 '80s electronic pop inspired debut, Jackson recently told The NME: "I came to him with some rare disco references and he made it very clear he didn't like them. There wasn't a great deal of understanding. Sometimes I thought we were on the same level, but then from the production that would come to light, I didn't feel that we were. I wasn't happy with the way some of the demos were sounding."

She continues: "On the album, there are maybe two songs that have similar production styles to the way that I started them with Ben, but they were essentially demo tracks and I felt they needed a lot of subsequent work."