Review of In for the Kill Single by La Roux

Review of La Roux's single 'In For The Kill'.

La Roux In for the Kill Single

Proof that eighties revival simply will not lie down and die, synth-pop act La Roux return with new single 'In for the Kill.' You may know them from previous dance floor filler 'Quicksand' and happily enough, 'In for the Kill' retains the same plastic brilliance. Another slippery electro eel
of a song, it has gorgeous vocals and perfectly polished production to boot, evoking the throwback genius of Neon Neon and The Knife.

This is pop at its best - instantly gratifying, addictive and with 'the red-haired one' tipped for greatness in 2009, I don't imagine it will be the last we hear from her.

Natalie Kaye

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