L'Wren Scott

RIP L'Wren Scott: L'Wren Scott, the esteemed fashion designer and girlfriend to The Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger, was found dead in her apartment on Monday having hanged herself. Read the full report. Mick and the band were on tour in Australia when the dreadful news broke, prompting them to cancel a show as the rocker tried to come to terms with the loss. Read his statement here. Having not left a suicide note, Scott's reasons will always be unknown but her company's financial details have shown that creditors were owed millions and that L'Wren was going to close her label. L'Wren Scott: 1964 - 2014.

Chris Pine Driving Ban: Star Trek actor Chris Pine pleaded guilty to DUI on Monday after he was caught drunk driving with his girlfriend after celebrating the wrap of new thriller, Z For Zachariah, in New Zealand. The 33 year-old star was fined and received a six month suspension on his New Zealand license, meaning he's going to have to look out for the designated driver next time he's out boozing.

'Mr. Peabody & Sherman' Tames '300': In a box office twist this week, new kids animated movie Mr. Peabody and Sherman managed to pull itself up from second place to swap with last week's number one, 300: Rise of an Empire, and earn $21 million. Watch the trailer here. The sixties cartoon reboot received middling reviews but none so bad as those which Zack Snyder's fantasy epic attracted, as fans soon found out once its first weekend buzz had worn off. 

Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara Kicks Up Controversy: Actress Rooney Mara has stirred up a lot of ill feeling recently after she was cast as the princess Tiger Lily in Joe Wright's 2015 Peter Pan adaptation, Pan. Mara's casting has attracted criticism from those who say that the role should go to a Native American actress and a petition has been created by those who want the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo actress evicted from the part. Could get nasty: read more here. The movie's shaping up to look pretty cool though - read up of the casting news.

Miley Cyrus Is On Fire! Well, Sort Of: Miley Cyrus and her sister Noah are lucky to be alive this week after their tour bus burst into flames on the way from Houston to New Orleans. Onlookers reported seeing an exploded tyre whilst Noah kept fans updated with snaps and videos of the dramatic scene. Unfortunately for the many parents taking a stand against Miley and her raunchy shows, the incident hasn't delayed the Bangerz tour. See footage from the bus disaster here.

'Divergent' Premieres In LA: After months of anticipation, the new teen sci-fi blockbuster Divergent is finally here. Check out the trailer. Fans of Veronica Roth's fantasy novels will see a host of stars, including Shailene Woodley, Kate Winslet, Maggie Q, Theo James, and Miles Teller, be transformed into Divergent's Tris and the story's other heroes and villains. The movie received its LA premiere on Wednesday with all the stars out and looking dazzling: see all the photos here.

MIA performing in Toronto

M.I.A Middle Finger Fury: Rapper M.I.A is in a bit of a jam: a lawsuit that has been brewing for two years has come to a head and the NFL are trying to sue M.I.A for $16.6 million after she flipped the bird during her Madonna/Nicki Minaj performance at the Super Bowl in 2012. The League have been of using "bully" tactics after they decided that M.I.A's 2.5 minute performance was an advert and are apparently charging her at the going rate for halftime Bowl commercials. "@madonna ummm ... can i borrow 16 million ?" tweeted the 'Paper Planes' singer as the NFL hunted her blood. Get up to date on the story here.

Video Of The Week - 'Transcendence' Full Trailer: Ever wondered what Johnny Depp would look like as a computer? Us neither, but new blockbuster Transcendence features the Pirates of the Caribbean actor in his first sci-fi role as a scientist whose work into artificial intelligence backfires when a protestor shoots him. To save his genius mind, his brain is uploaded to his supercomputer, giving him more power than he could have ever dreamed of in this technological cautionary tale. Spooky stuff! Watch the trailer.