The Closer ends tonight (July 9, 2012), after a seven-season run and it looks as though Kyra Sedgwick's character, Brenda Leigh Johnson will be left with as many questions as she has answers. The show's creator James Duff told "(Brenda) has always been more about work than anything else in her life. Until now. I personally think one should trust one's spouse more than one's profession. ... I cannot imagine anything better than my relationship and I would not jeopardize it for any job. [But] does Brenda feel that way?"
During the course of the last sevens series, Brenda's risky actions as a member of the Lapd have brought about the introduction of the 'Johnson Rule' and in her quest for justice, she has been left unsure which of her colleagues she can trust and whom she needs to be wary of. Viewers already know that there is a traitor in the Major Crimes Unit but their identity has not yet been revealed. James Duff has confirmed that that person's identity will be known before the season finale ends.
And Brenda's determined hounding of Philip Stroh, the defence attorney and suspected serial rapist will also reach some kind of conclusion. Duff reassures fans of the show that Sedgewick's character will still have a pulse at the end of tonight's show but the exact details of her story's ending are remaining under wraps. "I have always known how Brenda's story would end" explains Duff. "I don't want to give anything away, but I thought about Brenda's entrance into the series and her exit from the series at the same time. My goal was not to disappoint the audiences who have stuck with us. [I hope] that they are both satisfied by the end, and feel the conclusion was inevitable."