Kylie Minogue's legendary gold hotpants have been insured for a staggering $1.9 million (GBP1 million) - even though her stylist paid next to nothing for them.

The figure-hugging garment is currently on display in a bulletproof cabinet as part of an exhibition of the SLOW singer's stage attire in her home city of Melbourne, Australia.

Every item in the show had to be valued for insurance purposes and the hotpants came out top of the list.

An exhibition insider says, "The insurance company quoted GBP1 million for her gold hotpants. The high figure reflects the danger of them being nicked.

"They are one of the most famous items of pop memorabilia in the world, are impossible to replace and represent a slice of pop history from Australia's biggest export. A pop collector or Kylie fan would love to own them."

WILLIAM BAKER picked up the hotpants at a London market for Kylie to wear in the video for her comeback single SPINNING AROUND in 2000.

16/01/2005 10:58