Kylie Minogue would love to perform in the round on her next tour.

The 'Magic' singer - who releases her 15th studio album, 'Disco', on November 6 - has revealed it's her "dream" to create one "big love fest" and sing with all of her fans around her underneath a giant disco ball when concerts return properly.

Speaking on Jessie Ware's 'Table Manners' podcast, she said: "As and when we can and when it is a viable thing and safe for everyone, sign me up. My dream for this tour would be to perform in the round which I've never really done, have the world's biggest disco ball above and make just a big love fest."

Elsewhere, the 52-year-old pop superstar admitted to being a perfectionist, but said it's taken her "a while" to have the confidence to "speak up" when something isn't up to scratch.

She explained: "There are some areas where I can, if I'm really on the fence about something, it can go either way. I'm not sure how correct I am in thinking that in recent years, in the last five or 10 years or whatever, I just don't let things slide but actually if I look back to some things in the past, I think that I've always had the idea but I haven't always spoken up. I'd love to know if you've been in similar situations where there's just so much noise and especially when I was younger, it was like 'well, you're the grown up so I guess you know.I'm new to all of this'. I was learning a lot on the job basically."

The 'Spinning Around' hitmaker - who has so far released the singles 'Say Something' and 'Magic' from 'Disco' - also admitted it's felt "quite odd", but "kind of nice", not jetting across the world to do promo for her album amid the coronavirus pandemic, though she's missing her family in her native Australia.

She said: "It's starting to feel more real now, album promo. First single I literally was like I know it's out there, you know when it becomes real, one of your friends will say hey I just heard your song on the radio, my sister called me from Australia in the back of a car coming home from work and she was like 'It's on the radio right now' and then it becomes real, but not flying around like a maniac, not traipsing around to do all the usual stuff yeah it felt quite odd, kind of nice, I mean it would be nicer to be able to go to Australia and see my family and all that."