Kylie Minogue says listening to unreleased music on the treadmill makes her exercise more.

The pop princess has revealed the unique way she ups her fitness game is by playing demos while she is working out and using the time to figure out what needs tweaking.

In an interview with WSJ magazine, she said: “I was on the treadmill a couple of weeks ago and listening to a new demo, trying to figure out what’s good about it, what needs changing.

“It helped me get quite a few more kilometres in.”

The 53-year-old singer admitted she is not a runner and her "ultimate workout" is touring.

She added: “We say in my family, ‘Minogues don’t run’. None of us run. But we like to walk, so that works for me.

“If I’m somewhere where there’s Pilates, I love that. I’ve also tried gyrotonics – that was really fun.

“My ultimate workout is being on tour. I’m never as fit as when I’m on the road, so I can’t wait to do that again. My body needs it.”

The 'Sexercize' singer - who released her chart-topping 15th studio album, 'Disco', in 2020 - recently attributed her ageless appearance to "lots of secrets".

She said: "Just keep moving! Haha! No, if only it were that easy. There are lots of secrets, let’s call them ‘tricks of the trade’ and I’ve learnt many of them along the way. Good glam, lights, good team, good angles and styling."