Kylie Minogue won't move back to her native Australia.

The 'Wow' hitmaker has spent almost 30 years living in London, a decade longer than her boyfriend Paul Solomons, and though most of her close family are still Down Under, she's got no plans to settle back there in the future.

She said: ''[Paul's] a Welshman. But he's been in London for almost 20 years. There's just not going to be an Australian home.

''I have a British passport and an Australian passport. I think some people forget I'm Australian.''

The 52-year-old pop star has kept busy over the last few months amid the coronavirus pandemic by making the most of being at home and taking up gardening.

However, she admitted her results haven't been too successful.

Speaking on Jessie Ware's 'Table Manners' podcast, she said: ''I got some tomatoes which of course is like, I don't think you can fail on that front.

''There were courgettes, runner beans - it was just the little things. I got quite into it and then I think a squirrel attacked everything and that was that.''

Kylie recently revealed working on her latest album, 'Disco', was also a ''coping mechanism'' during lockdown.

The 'Spinning Around' singer also got stuck in learning how to produce and engineer the songs, as well, and it was the perfect distraction.

She said: ''It did present its ­challenges towards the end, when it all caught up with me. I'd been going, going, going really hard, a) to get it done but b) it was a distraction, a coping mechanism.

''I had one producer say, 'I just realised today that this has kept me sane, doing this'.

''We all had that common thing of a place to focus your energy and a place to pretend for a minute.

''You're not watching the news while you're doing that, so you didn't have to see it.

''We were aware of it and I'm not sure that through lockdown lyrics were written about that, but they were coloured by it, for sure.''