Kylie Minogue is launching a new Australian pinot noir and chardonnay through her Wines label.

The 54-year-old star - who moved back home to Melbourne earlier this year - is making moves in the Victoria wine market as she continues to expand her alcohol brand.

She told the Herald Sun newspaper: "Once we had launched the rosé, which was a success, the next conversation was we needed an Australian wine.

"I need to be travelling the world with some Australian representation."

The 'Can't Get You Out of My Head' hitmaker admitted she will "always" be happy to find an excuse to visit Yarra Valley.

She added: "I'm an hour or so from where I grew up. I love that [this wine is] in Victoria. I'm really proud of that."

Kylie's two new wines are being produced by De Bortoli Yarra Valley winemaker Steve Webber and Leanne De Bortoli, and they will be unveiled next year.

The star's wine brand was launched in 2020 with her rose, and has gone onto feature a range of bottles, including a prosecco rose and a zero alcohol option.

Meanwhile, last month it was reported the singer is in talks for a £100 million Las Vegas residency.

According to The Sun newspaper, Kylie is ready to sign up for a 12 week run at in Sin City, with Planet Hollywood and Caesar’s Palace – currently hosting Adele’s Vegas stint – apparently making offers.

An insider said: "While Kylie may not have a huge profile Stateside, she is an absolutely massive draw for the Brits.

“She has a cult gay following especially, and it's felt she will easily draw in the pink pound. Kylie visited a few venues in the summer, and numerous meetings have since been held.

“It’s a no brainer for Kylie – easy money, and no touring. Everyone involved is hugely excited about the prospect.”