Kylie Minogue is hesitant to tour amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 53-year-old pop icon admitted that while the pandemic had presented performers with new opportunities, the live sector has been "hit hard" by the health crisis.

She said: "On one hand, the pandemic has opened up new worlds of possibility wherein we can create almost anywhere and deliver music to the world. But on the other hand, the live sector has been hit hard and this is just so challenging and difficult for venues, touring crew and everyone associated."

The legendary songstress - who promoted her chart-topping album 'DISCO' in 2020 with a livestream concert and also appeared in a virtual show with Dua Lipa - went on to explain that there is a "degree of hesitancy" when it comes to staging an in-person concert tour but vowed to "stay patient."

Speaking to The Hindustan Times, she explained: "There is a degree of hesitancy for sure. We all want it to work, so the only option right now is to navigate this new world as best as we can. Who knows how this will pan out in the future. I have really missed being able to tour my last album [DISCO: Guest List Edition], but for now I’ll have to stay patient."

The 'Real Groove' hitmaker - who made history in 2020 as she became the first woman to release a chart-topping album in five different decades - then explained that while she has always been "appreciative" of the connection she shares with her audiences, the pandemic has brought a "new dimension" to it.

She added: "I’ve always been appreciative of being able to create and connect with people and audiences, but this [pandemic scenario] brought a new dimension to it. I know my collaborators felt the same. Yes, we were doing remote sessions from our homes, but we would talk about how lucky we felt to be able to work."