Kylie Minogue had a "slight meltdown" working on her new album.

The 52-year-old singer has been recording her latest collection 'Disco' at her London home during the coronavirus pandemic, and she admitted the process "really wore her out".

She told Music Week: "I’d been going at such a pace every day and juggling different writers, producers and schedules and trying to be prepared – it really wore me out.

"I had a slight, well, meltdown. Probably sounds a bit dramatic, but I realised I’d been going at such a pace because I was driven to get this done.

“And we did get it done in the end. We really wanted to make it count and direct our energy. We all just threw our best into it.”

The 'Magic' star admitted she had a "very different experience" this time round, as she was at home on her own instead of spending time at a recording studio to break things up.

She added: "It was a very different experience compared to going into studios where the doors shut, you have no idea what time it is and suddenly it is 7pm and you’ve not looked at your phone.

“It was lockdown and I was here on my own, so it got quite intense.

"There was a point near the end where I actually felt just so drained.”

Meanwhile, Kylie - whose 15th studio album will be released on November 6 - admitted it's her "dream" to perform in the round when concerts can properly return.

She said: "As and when we can and when it is a viable thing and safe for everyone, sign me up. My dream for this tour would be to perform in the round which I’ve never really done, have the world’s biggest disco ball above and make just a big love fest."