Kylie Minogue grew ''more passionate'' about the things she loved when she was diagnosed with cancer.

The 51-year-old singer was told she had breast cancer in 2005 and though the disease changed ''many things forever'', in other ways, her life didn't change at all.

She reflected to WHO magazine's Most Beautiful People 2020 issue: ''It's always such a difficult question to answer with a neat sentence, but cancer changed many things forever, and some things didn't change at all.

''My view of the world was different, my destination, for the most part, was the same. Broader, for sure. I was even more passionate about the people and things that I loved, but life as I had known it was on hold.''

Although the 'Golden' singer tried to stay ''positive'' throughout her cancer battle, she also allowed herself to experience more ''difficult'' emotions.

She added: ''I tried to be positive, but I was also realistic with the need to allow some space for all of the other difficult feelings and emotions.''

Kylie was given strength throughout her ordeal thanks to the love and support of both her family and her fans around the world.

She said: ''People shone so bright for me in those dark days. The strength my family showed was extraordinary. The love, support and the kindness of strangers! I was so very aware of, and grateful for, all that had gone before me.

''The research, the trials, the heartbreak, the loss, the progress, the love and the hope.''

The 'Wow' hitmaker previously admitted she finds it ''pretty strange'' talking about her feelings surrounding having cancer.

She said: ''It's deep and it's long and it's involved and it's hard to really say what it was in a neat package. It's pretty strange.''