Australian beauty Kylie Minogue was "heartbroken" when she discovered her former boyfriend Michael Hutchence had been cheating on her with Danish supermodel Helena Christensen.

The revelation appears in a new book about the late Inxs frontman written by his brother RHETT, who was present when the rocker met and broke up with the CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD singer.

Minogue first met Michael at a party in Sydney when she was dating JASON DONOVAN, and the NEED YOU TONIGHT singer was also in a relationship, but they quickly ended their respective romantic links to be together.

Love blossomed, but three years later Minogue was left heartbroken when she discovered her beau's affair. In his book TOTAL XS, Rhett recalls how he had knowledge of the affair with Christensen before Minogue.

Rhett says, "He handed me the phone and introduced me to Helena. They hadn't met in person yet, but they'd been having a telephone relationship for a couple of months."

After hearing about the affair, Kylie flew to New York in a last ditch attempt to save their relationship. Rhett remembers, "She flew over from London to see if she could rekindle things but it was already too late.

"They had a fight, Michael went off to his gig and Kylie cried in his room. It was so sad. Michael walked out of her life and I felt desperately sorry for her."

05/12/2004 10:26