Kylie Minogue wants to collaborate with The Killers.

The 55-year-old singer - who has previously worked with the likes of Nick Cave and Manic Street Preachers - has always "loved" indie bands and thinks she'd enjoy getting into the studio with Brandon Flowers and his band.

Asked about her dream collaborations, she told E! News: "I’ve always loved more kind of indie bands, like The Killers.

"Most collaborations I’ve done have come to me so I haven’t had to make that decision. But whoever I work with, I think there’s always something to learn from people I work with."

The 'Padam Padam' hitmaker recently announced plans for a Las Vegas residency, which will run at the Venetian's Voltaire nightclub for three months from November, and she teased there will be some "surprises" in the pipeline for fans.

She said: "It’s been a long time coming for many, many years.

“I’ve thought I’ll do Vegas one day and now is the time it’s a brand new club and experience and it’s being made as we speak, it’s gonna be box fresh.

“This is brand new learning experience for me. Everything to do with Vegas.

“What we’re envisaging is you walk into this room and you transport. You’re no long in the hallways of the general areas of the hotel. This is your evening.

“I’ve got my work cut out for me to choose the set list and to make sure I include a few surprises as well."

Kylie also revealed she wants Margot Robbie to portray her in a potential biopic, joking the 'Barbie' star won't need to worry about mastering her accent because they share the same Aussie tones.

She said: "Margot Robbie in my dreams. She'd have the Australian accent down, that's for sure."