Review of Better than Today Single by Kylie Minogue

Kylie's had a stellar year. A worldwide number-one album and a comeback that would make the likes of Christina Aguilera shudder, it is obvious that this Aussie pop princess is going nowhere. Following perfectly in tradition, Better than today, the third single off her LP Aphrodite, is a fun electro number, that whilst sounds great as an album track, sadly doesn't seem to pack a punch enough to stand firm as a lead-out track.

Kylie Minogue Better than Today Single

Kicking off with that horrifically catchy refrain that echoes across the whole track, it is obvious what you can expect from this offering. Sweet and innocuous, this is Kylie doing what she does best. Her smooth and suave vocals glide across the melodies whilst nice oral touches by the starlet teases this track to the brink of enticement, and yet refraining to create the perfect tease. The great Vouge-esque middle 8 also highlights the strong pop heritage that Kylie obviously adheres to in her music.

However, whilst this track would be great, buried within the bulk of an album track listing, it just doesn't have enough gusto to withhold as a single. Sounding slightly generic and nothing far too different from a common Kylie track, this fails to arouse any excitement, even in the most die-hard fans. Whilst radios may lap this up, there is nothing that is worth getting too excited about on this track and it may simply fall in the trap of being too soon forgotten in the heap that is Kylie's back catalogue. Let's hope tomorrow brings us another Kylie smash-hit; it should certainly be 'better than today'.

2 / 5

Nima Baniamer

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