Kylie Jenner has launched her latest cosmetics endeavour, a set of lip glosses. The 18-year-old revealed the line of glosses in a music video style advertisement which features Kylie and a group of friends pulling off a robbery using guns. Reactions to the video online have so far been mixed, with many wondering ‘what’s this got to do with lip gloss?”.

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In the video Kylie is seen waiting in a getaway car and applying her lip gloss as her friends pull off an armed robbery for cash. As the girl gang make their getaway the words, 'Like. Literally. So Cute.’ appear on the screen, which are the names of the new glosses.

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Reactions to the video were mixed on twitter, with some accusing Kylie of promoting gun violence to sell her cosmetics. One viewer told the 18-year-old ‘@KylieJenner don't understand the use of violence to sell lip glosses. So many young people hold you on a pedestal #bad influence.’

Another tweeted ’s/o @KylieJenner for being the absolute worst role model by capitalizing on violence, racism and crime to sell lip gloss.’ Some even reminded Kylie of the time on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ when she told mom Kris Jenner that she found guns ‘scary’ and didn't want them in the house.

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‘What happened to that girl that got anxiety about hearing or seeing a gun #Badrolemodel #DontBeDirty,’ asked another tweeter. Of course there were those who absolutely loved it and no doubt Kylie’s new glosses (which hit today April 1st) will sell out just as fast as her infamous Kylie lip-kits.

Watch Kylie Jenner’s ‘Glosses’ video below: